CSTP’s Opposition to the NSC Freeway

Citizens for Sensible Transportation Planning (CSTP) was formed in the early 2000’s to provide a voice that challenged the WSDOT’s proposal to build the North Spokane Cooridor Freeway project.  CSTP’s founding members firmly believed that the project was fiscally irresponsible and bad for Spokane’s future.

The project had already received its Record of Decision from the federal highway administration to authorize its construction.  As CSTP began critically reviewing the project’s environmental impact statement (which had previously been released) we recognized numerous flaws in the report that brought into question the viability and necessity of the project.

CSTP began a effort to make citizens aware of the project’s shortcomings.

Over the year’s a number of articles and guest opinions have been published in print media.  Below are a select representation of the articles published to date.

In January of 2002 our first article appeared in the Inlander.  You can read it 01_31_02 Inlander article.

In December of 2002, this commentary appeared in the Seattle Times:

In 2006, this next piece was published in the Inlander: March 30, 2006

In December of 2008, this Guest Editorial appeared in the Spokesman-Review: December 6, 2008 SR

In February of 2010, this Guest Commentary appeared in the Inlander: February 11, 2010

In December of 2011, this Letter to the Editor was published in the Inlander: 12 29 11